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Miki Kosher Restaurant in São Paulo: A Dairy Delight in the Heart of Brazil

Kosher Dairy Restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil

Miki Kosher Restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil
Miki Kosher Restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil

When it comes to dining out, São Paulo offers many choices, and Miki Kosher in the Higienópolis neighborhood stands out for those seeking kosher dairy options. This restaurant has positioned itself as a unique spot for both adherents of the Jewish faith and others interested in kosher cuisine.

“Miki Kosher provides a solid option for those looking for kosher dining in São Paulo.”

Located at Rua Dr. Veiga Filho, 181, Miki Kosher introduces diners to a range of international dishes prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. The restaurant has a diverse menu, prepared under rabbinical supervision, ensuring that all meals adhere strictly to kosher guidelines.

The restaurant has a clean and modern feel. It's clear that the establishment prioritizes cleanliness and authenticity. The staff is well-versed in the menu and the principles of kosher food, making them competent guides for those unfamiliar with this type of cuisine.

The menu features a selection of dairy-based dishes. Patrons can expect to find meals that include a variety of cheeses, pasta, and fish, prepared with care. While the menu is diverse, the emphasis on fresh ingredients and the kosher preparation process is evident in every dish served.

My delicious meal started with an appetizer of Guacamole and Toast. It was made with pearl avocado and seasoned with lemon, onions and fresh tomato. It was accompanied by seasoned fried pita bread, similar to nachos. I then had the deliciously creamy Ricotta Ravioli seasoned with apricots and walnuts and bechamel sauce. I was then served the pièce de resistance - Salmon with Cream Spinach. The fish was grilled to perfection and the spinach cream was made with milk of coconut and vegetable fat. It was accompanied by steamed potatoes with a touch of paprika.

I had a really great meal and I look forward to returning. Miki Kosher's location, Higienópolisis, is a well-to-do residential area, known for its cultural richness and historic architecture. Miki Kosher is a short walk from the Higienópolis Shopping Mall, a modern shopping center where I spent some time to explore the variety of stores and entertainment options. The proximity to the mall makes the restaurant an easy stop for those already in the area for shopping or business.

Miki Kosher provides a solid option for those looking for kosher dining in São Paulo. It serves as a reminder that the city's culinary offerings are as varied as its population. For those in Higienópolis, whether for a day of shopping or exploring the local culture, Miki Kosher is a convenient and reliable choice for a meal that adheres to kosher standards.


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