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About Mark Around the World


Mark Around the World

Mark Vogel is a devoted globetrotter who calls New York City home. Through his captivating travel blog, "Mark Around the World," he unravels the allure of hotels, restaurants, and destinations spanning the entire globe, all while keeping kosher. As an accomplished traveler, photographer, writer, and lover of nature and architecture, Mark graciously imparts his personal adventures and insightful suggestions to his readers. His unwavering enthusiasm for traversing the globe is matched only by his fervor for sharing remarkable discoveries. Mark firmly believes that travel encompasses not only the exploration of new territories but also the creation of indelible memories and extraordinary encounters. Embark on a wondrous expedition alongside Mark as he unveils the world through his discerning eyes. With an unwavering commitment to delivering authentic and dependable evaluations and recommendations, he aspires to motivate and empower individuals to embrace their own journeys and savor every moment. So why delay? Together, let us embark on a voyage of discovery and revel in the beauty of our world!

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