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Lechem Basar Kosher Steakhouse: Diner and Delights at Tel Aviv, Israel’s Port

Kosher meat restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel

Lechem Basar Kosher Steakhouse in Tel Aviv, Israel
Lechem Basar Kosher Steakhouse in Tel Aviv, Israel

After a long flight to Tel Aviv, Israel, I asked the concierge at the Hilton Tel Aviv to recommend a good restaurant nearby the hotel. They suggested Lechem Basar which is located at the port of Tel Aviv. It’s a modern kosher steakhouse that offers a high-quality, concise menu with fresh ingredients and exquisite flavors.

Positioned with a view of the Mediterranean, Lechem Basar offers an inviting urban atmosphere with touches of the sea. Its well-designed space allows for comfortable seating both inside and outside with an eclectic variety of intimate, group, or shared tables. The clientele includes trendy youths, families, and business people, all enjoying a high-quality, kosher meat experience.

“I enjoyed a hearty evening meal at Lechem Basar and hope next time to return during the day so I can experience all the wonderful things the port has to offer.”

The name "Lechem Basar" in Hebrew literally translates to "Bread" and "Meat" in English. This name is quite fitting for a restaurant that specializes in meat dishes, as it suggests a focus on serving filling, substantial meals that includes bread as a staple complement to various meat selections. Bread and meat are both foundational elements in many cuisines, including Middle Eastern and Israeli cuisine, and the name implies a place where these essential foods are celebrated and central to the dining experience. The name also is a nod to traditional values of hospitality and nourishment, invoking a sense of warmth and abundance associated with enjoying bread and meat, which are often shared at a communal table, suggesting a welcoming atmosphere for families and groups.


Lechem Basar Kosher Steakhouse in Tel Aviv, Israel

The restaurant serves its dishes alongside quality breads and light salads. The starters include bread with dips, a meat pastry called "Lachmajun," beef carpaccio, salads, seared "Tataki Sinta" (a type of steak), and stir-fried mushrooms. Main courses feature a 250g hamburger, roasted spring chicken, several types of steak (Sinta, beef fillet, entrecote, prime rib, and Tomahawk), a meat platter, baked salmon, and a whole fish (sea bass). For children, there are mini hamburgers and crispy chicken nuggets. Desserts include crème brûlée, warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, Spanish churros, pistachio tart, and a unique combination of chocolate and salted bagel.


I enjoyed a hearty evening meal at Lechem Basar and hope next time to return during the day so I can experience all the wonderful things the port has to offer.


The port of Tel Aviv, where Lechem Basar is located, offers a range of activities beyond dining. The port area is known for its lively ambiance, picturesque waterfront views, and a variety of shops and entertainment venues, making it an ideal spot to experience local culture and enjoy the scenic Mediterranean Sea.


The Tel Aviv Port, or "Namal Tel Aviv," is a dynamic and multifaceted destination that offers a plethora of activities and experiences for visitors. Here's an overview of what you can do at the port: 

The Port in Tel Aviv, Israel

Guide to the Tel Aviv Port:

Activities and Entertainment

1. Walking and Biking: The port's wooden decks are part of the 9-mile long Tel Aviv Promenade, ideal for walking, biking, jogging, rollerblading, or even fishing.

2. Yoga Sessions: On Friday mornings, free yoga lessons are available at the port, courtesy of EllaYoga studio. These sessions are open to all and are a great way to start the weekend with fresh air and exercise.

3. Nightlife and Events: Namal Tel Aviv transforms into a vibrant nightlife hub in the evenings, with numerous bars and clubs hosting events and parties. Specific venues include Shalvata, known for its beats and sea breeze, and Fantastic, which offers various entertainment experiences and a menu created by a renowned Israeli chef.


Shopping and Markets

1. Fashion and Boutiques: The port houses fashion boutiques carrying both international and Israeli brands. These shops are typically open until late, especially during summer.

2. Indoor Port Market: Similar to markets like London’s Borough Market or Barcelona’s La Boqueria, the indoor market offers fresh ingredients, live cooking stations, and upscale eateries. A handmade pasta bar is one of its highlights.

3. Levant Fair: Revived in 2011, this cultural center now features designer boutiques, lifestyle shops, restaurants, cafés, and even an amphitheater for live performances.

4. Comme il faut: A unique establishment combining a fashion house, women’s spa, and chef's restaurant. It focuses on advancing women in Israeli society through fashion and culture.


Cultural and Artistic Experiences

1. Art Market Tel Aviv: This gallery showcases works by both emerging and acclaimed artists, Israeli and international, selling art at a wide range of prices.

2. Hangar 11 and Hangar 22: These venues host a variety of events, from cultural and business affairs to concerts featuring local and international musicians.

3. Reading 3: A versatile event space with advanced sound and lighting systems, ideal for private, business, and cultural events.


Music and Entertainment

1. Jazz and Blues: The port is known for its jazz and blues scene, hosting performances by renowned artists and offering a unique musical experience.


The Tel Aviv Port is a place to dine and shop and also a hub of cultural, artistic, and recreational activities that cater to a diverse range of interests and ages. Whether you're looking for a place to relax or take a nice stroll, engage in sports, enjoy the nightlife, or immerse yourself in art and culture, the port has something for everyone.


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