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JFK's Soho Lounge with American Airlines: Comfort and Kosher Food

JFK Terminal 8 in New York City

Soho Lounge at JFK Airport
Soho Lounge at JFK Airport

My recent visit to New York City’s JFK Terminal 8 was significantly enhanced by the Soho Lounge, a partnership between British Airways and American Airlines. Upon entering, I was enveloped by the lounge's elegant ambiance and numerous choices of comfortable seating including private areas and tables near large windows for plane spotting.

“The serene environment and ample amenities of the Soho Lounge provided me with a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the airport.”

Kosher Meal at the Soho Lounge at JFK Airport
Kosher Meal at the Soho Lounge at JFK Airport

The Soho Lounge is a premium lounge offering a luxurious space for Oneworld Emerald members. The lounge features elegant decor with lots of natural light, a bar area with cafe-style tables and booths, an extensive selection of food with both buffet and a la carte options, including and an impressive selection of kosher meals upon request.

The staff was very friendly. They offered me four meal choices. I chose the kosher Herb Chicken Skewer meal accompanied by Basmati Rice, carrots, and currants — a delightful combination that was both satisfying and flavorful. For those favoring fish, the kosher Beer Battered Tilapia with Rice and Vegetables is a tempting option.

Amenities are provided with the traveler's comfort in mind. The Soho Lounge offers shower facilities, allowing for a refreshing break before a flight. The stylishly appointed bathrooms complement the luxurious feel of the lounge, enhancing the overall experience. Power outlets and USB ports are readily available, and the Wi-Fi is reliable.

Entrance to Chelsea and Soho Lounges at JFK Airport

Soho, Chelsea, and Greenwich Lounges

New York's JFK Terminal 8 has become a nexus of luxury for international travelers with the unveiling of three premium lounges: the Soho Lounge, the Chelsea Lounge, and the Greenwich Lounge, all a collaboration between American Airlines and British Airways.

Soho Lounge: Tailored for Oneworld Emerald members, the Soho Lounge is a blend of first-class flair and business class functionality. It's the middle ground in size and offers an elegant atmosphere with a variety of seating options, an extensive buffet, and a menu for à la carte dining. It stands out with its well-stocked bar and the availability of kosher food options.

Chelsea Lounge: The most exclusive among the three, the Chelsea Lounge is accessible to select first-class passengers. It's intimate with seating for fewer passengers and replaces the former Flagship First Dining facility. It provides an upscale, quiet ambiance, often favored by those seeking a more secluded environment.

Greenwich Lounge: The largest lounge, catering to business class passengers and Oneworld Sapphire members on select itineraries. It replaces the previous Flagship Lounge and boasts a vast space that can accommodate a higher volume of guests, making it less exclusive but highly functional with a range of amenities suitable for business travelers.

Soho Lounge at JFK Airport

In comparing the three, the Soho Lounge strikes a harmonious balance with its stylish layout, the Chelsea Lounge offers exclusivity and privacy, while the Greenwich Lounge is a bustling hub for a broad passenger base. Each lounge is designed to cater to specific travel needs, offering a tailored airport experience at JFK Terminal 8.

The serene environment and ample amenities of the Soho Lounge provided me with a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the airport. As a traveler, accessing this lounge has transformed my pre-flight routine into a stress-free and enjoyable part of my journey.


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