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Café Nadi in Jerusalem, Israel: A Great Kosher Place for Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch and More

Kosher Dairy Restaurant in Jerusalem, Israel

Café Nadi in Jerusalem, Israel
Café Nadi in Jerusalem, Israel

I recently visited Café Nadi in Jerusalem, Israel, and was really impressed. Located on Hillel Street in the center of the city, Café Nadi is a quintessential spot for both breakfast and lunch. It’s known for its fresh and healthy food, with a particular emphasis on their creative salads, which feature fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruit. The café's coffee and pastries are also exceptional.

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“The cafe's location, ambiance, and service contribute to its popularity among locals and tourists alike.”

Café Nadi was founded in 2007 by Shai Cohen. Initially, it was a small café located on Shatz Street, envisioned to offer fresh, aesthetically pleasing, and tasty food. Over the years, the café has grown and maintained a high standard, often said to have even improved. Café Nadi is now recognized as an iconic Jerusalem establishment, known for its eclectic, fresh, and aesthetic dishes made to order. It's a must-visit location for those seeking a quality breakfast, coffee and pastry, or simply excellent food.

Café Nadi in Jerusalem, Israel

At Café Nadi, the menu is thoughtfully curated to appeal to a wide variety of palates. Sandwich lovers can indulge in a variety of whole wheat baguette items, from omelet to salmon and mozzarella. Breakfast is a grand affair with options such as the Schatz and the Sadan, featuring an assortment of eggs, cheeses, and fresh bread alongside spreads and muesli.


Salad aficionados can enjoy a fresh mix of greens with toppings like goat cheese and mushrooms. Pasta dishes come in delightful variations, including Pappardelle and Gnocchi, each paired with unique sauces and toppings. The hot dish selection tantalizes with items like risotto and fish balls in Moroccan sauce. Dessert is never an afterthought, with sweet treats like pancakes and cookies. To complement the dining experience, the café offers an extensive beverage menu that includes aromatic coffees, teas, fruit shakes, and a selection of alcoholic options.


One of the highlights of the menu is their variety of shakshuka, a classic Israeli dish. Particularly noteworthy is their green shakshuka, which is light and features crispy greens as a base for poached eggs and abundant feta cheese. This dish is a standout for its fresh and flavorful take on a traditional recipe.

Café Nadi in Jerusalem, Israel

For those with dietary restrictions, the cafe provides gluten-free options like gluten-free bread, along with several vegan choices. This makes it an accommodating spot for a diverse range of dietary needs.


The ambiance of Café Nadi combines the feel of a trendy coffee shop with the menu of a classic Israeli dairy cafe. This unique blend makes it suitable for various occasions, from business meetings to casual brunches.


In terms of pricing, the dishes are comparable to most high-quality dairy cafes in Jerusalem. This makes Café Nadi a great value for the quality and variety of food offered.


Café Nadi in Jerusalem is a great spot for breakfast and lunch, offering a range of dishes that cater to various tastes and dietary requirements. The cafe's location, ambiance, and service contribute to its popularity among locals and tourists alike. I enjoyed my meal, and I am looking forward to returning soon.

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