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Super Emet Kosher, Mexico City: Balancing Meat and Dairy

Kosher grocery store with separate meat and dairy restaurants in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City

Super Emet Kosher in Mexico City, Mexico
Super Emet Kosher in Mexico City, Mexico

Tucked away in the elegant Polanco district of Mexico City, just a short walk from the upscale Antara Mall and the cutting-edge Museo Jumex, lies a unique kosher gem called Super Emet.

“Super Emet, with its unique concept and delicious offerings, provides a wonderful place to grab a bite or stock up on groceries.”

Polanco is an alluring blend of the old and the new, characterized by charming, tree-lined streets, a plethora of upmarket stores, and diverse culinary establishments. It is in this dynamic backdrop that Super Emet has carved a niche for itself, offering a kosher grocery store and a unique restaurant experience that harmoniously blends meat and dairy offerings, albeit separately.

Upon entering Super Emet, you're greeted by the sight of a fully stocked kosher grocery store on the ground floor. From fresh produce to baked goods and a variety of kosher products from around the world, it truly is a one-stop-shop for all kosher grocery needs.

One flight up, the space morphs into a bustling restaurant and butcher section. In the world of kosher dining, it's a given that dairy and meat are typically kept separate, each having its own dedicated establishments. Super Emet, however, challenges this norm with its unique setup while still abiding by the strict laws of keeping kosher.

This cafeteria-style restaurant ingeniously separates the meat and dairy sections within the same room. Customers ordering from the meat section occupy one side of the room, while those choosing dairy options occupy the other. A line of tables bisects the room, with a divider separating the meat eaters from the dairy diners.

I opted for the cheese and vegetable lasagna from the dairy side. The rich layers of cheese, delicately flavored vegetables, and perfectly cooked pasta left me savoring each bite. The dish was hearty and deeply satisfying, a testament to the kitchen's ability to merge authentic kosher guidelines with culinary creativity.

Even amidst the bustle of customers, there was an underlying sense of orderliness and attention to detail. The staff moved with purpose, expertly managing the unique logistics of the setup, all while maintaining warm, attentive customer service.

What struck me most about Super Emet was its dedication to preserving the essence of kosher dining while pushing boundaries to adapt to modern culinary preferences. It was a truly fascinating and memorable experience to see these contrasting aspects in harmony.

Super Emet, with its unique concept and delicious offerings, provides a wonderful place to grab a bite or stock up on groceries. The next time you find yourself wandering through Polanco's attractive avenues, don't miss out on this extraordinary kosher experience. Whether you're shopping for kosher supplies or craving a wholesome meal, Super Emet is a destination worth visiting.


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