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JetBlue's Even More® Space Seats: Finding the Sweet Spot Between Luxury and Economy

New York City

JetBlue's Even More® Space Seats
JetBlue's Even More® Space Seats

In the world of air travel, where the journey can significantly impact the overall experience of a trip, finding the right balance between comfort and cost is key. Throughout my travels, I've had the opportunity to fly on JetBlue on multiple occasions, experiencing the range from their high-end Mint lie-flat seats to the more economical coach options. However, it's the Even More® Space seats that strike a notable balance, offering enhanced comfort without veering into the premium pricing territory of Mint. My experiences in these seats, including the regular and the Exit row Even More® Space options, provide a comprehensive overview of what travelers can expect.

“My repeated experiences flying in JetBlue's Even More® Space seats have consistently demonstrated their value as a comfortable, reasonably priced option for both short and long-haul flights.”

JetBlue, an airline that has carved out its niche by focusing on customer comfort and value, entered the market in 1999. It differentiated itself by offering amenities like more legroom and free in-flight entertainment at a time when other airlines were cutting back. Over the years, JetBlue has maintained its commitment to passenger comfort, which is evident in the design and offerings of the Even More® Space seats.


JetBlue's Even More® Space Seats
JetBlue's Even More® Space Seats

JetBlue is known for its customer-focused amenities, such as in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, and free Wi-Fi. It operates over 1,000 daily flights across the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. This includes major cities, vacation spots, and business hubs, offering a mix of domestic and international flights. JetBlue's extensive route network is designed to connect passengers with important destinations, making it a popular choice for both leisure and business travel.


JetBlue is recognized for its innovative approach to air travel, offering a range of services from budget-friendly seats to premium options like Mint. The airline emphasizes sustainability and efficiency in its operations, continuously updating its fleet with fuel-efficient aircraft.


The Even More® Space seats are an intermediate option between the luxurious Mint and the standard coach seats, designed for travelers looking for extra comfort without a hefty price tag. The main allure of these seats is the additional legroom and early boarding benefits, providing a more relaxed and spacious flying experience.


Having flown in both the standard and Exit row Even More® Space seats, I can attest to the difference the extra space makes, especially on longer flights. The standard Even More® Space seats offer up to 38 inches of pitch, which is significantly more than the typical 32 inches in regular coach seats. This additional legroom allows for greater freedom to stretch out, which can be a relief on cross-country flights. The width of these seats remains consistent with the standard offering, typically around 17.8 to 18.5 inches, depending on the aircraft.


JetBlue's Even More® Space Seats Exit Row
JetBlue's Even More® Space Seats Exit Row

The Exit row Even More® Space seats, on the other hand, offer an even more generous legroom allocation. On my flights, the difference was palpable, with the feeling of space comparable to what one might find in premium economy sections of other international airlines. This extra legroom can transform the flying experience, making long-haul flights markedly more comfortable.


Booking an Even More® Space seat comes with additional benefits beyond the extra legroom. Priority boarding is a significant perk, allowing for a more relaxed boarding process and ensuring overhead bin space for your carry-on luggage. Additionally, being seated in these seats often means quicker access to exiting the plane upon landing, saving precious time for those with tight connections or simply eager to start their journey. Moreover, there's Priority Security in select airports, streamlining the security check process. These benefits collectively aim to provide a more convenient and relaxed start to your journey.


Comparatively, while the Mint experience is in a league of its own with lie-flat seats and enhanced privacy, the cost can be prohibitive for many travelers. The Even More® Space seats provide a middle ground that significantly elevates comfort over standard coach without the steep price of Mint. For those who can't justify the expense of Mint but crave more comfort than what's offered in coach, Even More® Space seats are an excellent compromise.


History of JetBlue


JetBlue was founded by David Neeleman in August 1999, with a vision to create a new airline that combined low fares with a high level of service. Neeleman's goal was to improve the passenger experience, incorporating in-flight entertainment, comfortable seating, and customer-friendly policies. His innovative approach helped JetBlue differentiate itself in the competitive airline industry, focusing on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Neeleman's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation have been key factors in JetBlue's success and growth.


JetBlue Airlines
JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue operates a fleet that primarily consists of Airbus and Embraer aircraft, reflecting the airline's commitment to providing a comfortable and efficient travel experience. Their focus has traditionally been on using the Airbus A320 family, a decision that aligns with their strategy of simplifying maintenance and operations, similar to how some other airlines focus on a single aircraft type for the same reasons. This focus on Airbus aircraft has been a foundational aspect of JetBlue's operational strategy since its inception.


The airline has expanded its fleet over the years to include various models to cater to different route requirements and passenger demands. For instance, the Airbus A321 Long Range (LR) has been introduced for its capabilities in longer-distance flights, boasting more seats and Mint suites to accommodate the growing demand for JetBlue's premium services on longer routes. This addition aligns with JetBlue's strategy to offer a broad range of services, from short-haul domestic flights to longer international routes, all the while maintaining its reputation for comfort and value.


JetBlue's fleet evolution also reflects its adaptation to market demands and operational efficiency, including the incorporation of newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft like the Airbus A220. The Airbus A220 is noted for its lower fuel burn per seat compared to older models, which not only enhances JetBlue's operational efficiency but also supports its goals for more sustainable operations.


My repeated experiences flying in JetBlue's Even More® Space seats have consistently demonstrated their value as a comfortable, reasonably priced option for both short and long-haul flights. Whether opting for the slightly more spacious standard option or the expansive legroom of an Exit row seat, these seats offer a tangible upgrade in comfort and convenience. For travelers seeking a middle ground between the extremes of air travel comfort, the Even More® Space seats by JetBlue present a compelling choice.


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