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An Evening at the LINQ Promenade: Discovering Las Vegas' Premier Outdoor Entertainment Hub

Las Vegas, Nevada

The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, Nevada
The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, Nevada

During my recent visit to Las Vegas, Nevada, I had the pleasure of exploring the LINQ Promenade, an open-air shopping, dining, and entertainment district located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. Visiting in the evening, I was able to experience the pulsating nightlife and the variety of activities that the promenade has to offer.

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“Whether you're interested in taking in the views from the High Roller, enjoying a gourmet meal, or simply strolling through the open-air market, the LINQ Promenade offers something for everyone.”

History of the LINQ Promenade


The LINQ Promenade is a relatively recent addition to the Las Vegas Strip. It was developed by Caesars Entertainment Corporation and officially opened in 2014. The area was designed as part of a major renovation project that included the rebranding of the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino into The LINQ Hotel and Casino. The promenade itself serves as a connecting pathway between the hotel and the casino, leading directly to one of its most iconic features, the High Roller observation wheel. The development of the LINQ Promenade was aimed at creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment in the midst of the bustling Las Vegas Strip, offering both tourists and locals a diverse mix of entertainment options.


Things to Do at the LINQ Promenade:

The High Roller Observation Wheel at the LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, Nevada
The High Roller Observation Wheel at the LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, Nevada

High Roller Observation Wheel


One of the highlights of my visit was the High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel, standing at 550 feet. A ride on the High Roller offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding desert landscape. The experience is especially mesmerizing in the evening when the city is illuminated by millions of lights.


Dining Options


The LINQ Promenade boasts a wide variety of dining options. From casual eateries to upscale restaurants, the food scene is diverse. You can find different cuisines, including American, Italian, and Asian dishes. Notable mentions include Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips for a quick bite and Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar for a more sit-down meal. Other popular establishments include Virgil's Real BBQ for authentic barbecue flavors, and Yard House for those who appreciate a wide selection of beers alongside their meal.




Shopping at the LINQ Promenade offers a mix of retail stores and specialty shops. Whether you're looking for souvenirs, apparel, or unique gifts, there's a good chance you'll find it here. I found the shopping experience to be quite enjoyable, with a relaxed atmosphere that's perfect for browsing through the various stores.

The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, Nevada
The LINQ Promenade in Las Vegas, Nevada

Entertainment and Nightlife


In addition to shopping and dining, the LINQ Promenade is home to a variety of entertainment options. As the sun sets, the LINQ Promenade transforms into a lively nightlife destination. Live music performances, street performers, and bars contribute to the lively atmosphere. The Brooklyn Bowl is a notable venue known for its live music, bowling, and dining all rolled into one. For those looking to enjoy a night out, the O'Sheas Casino offers a blend of traditional casino gaming with a lively Irish pub setting. With its numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment venues, it offers a nightlife scene that caters to different tastes. Whether you're interested in a casual evening or a night of dancing and entertainment, the promenade has something to offer.


Zipline Experience


For the more adventurous visitors, the Fly LINQ Zipline offers an exhilarating ride above the promenade. Although I did not personally try the zipline, it's clear that this attraction adds an extra thrill for those seeking an adrenaline rush.


Family-Friendly Attractions


In addition to the Fly LINQ Zipline and the High Roller observation wheel, the LINQ Promenade offers several family-friendly attractions. The area is designed to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages, with live entertainment, interactive experiences, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes it a great place for families to explore.


Architectural and Design Elements


The LINQ Promenade is noted for its modern, yet inviting architectural style. The use of outdoor spaces, interactive environments, and LED lighting creates an atmosphere that's both energetic and comfortable for visitors. The design encourages leisurely walks, with seating areas and fire pits that provide spaces for relaxation and socialization.


Art and Culture


While primarily known for its entertainment and dining, the LINQ Promenade also features various art installations and cultural exhibits throughout the year. These can range from pop-up art galleries to live art performances, adding a layer of cultural enrichment to the visitor experience.


Seasonal Events


The LINQ Promenade hosts a number of seasonal and holiday-themed events, making it a year-round destination. From celebrations for New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July to Halloween festivities and Christmas decorations, the Promenade transforms to reflect the spirit of the season. These events often include special performances, themed decorations, and limited-time attractions.


In-N-Out Burger


A mention of the LINQ Promenade would not be complete without highlighting the presence of the iconic In-N-Out Burger. For many visitors, especially those from regions without access to this beloved fast-food chain, stopping at In-N-Out for a classic burger, fries, and shake is a must-do experience.


The LINQ Hotel & Casino


Adjacent to the Promenade, The LINQ Hotel & Casino offers additional dining, entertainment, and gaming options. With its central location and direct access to the Promenade, the hotel serves as a convenient base for exploring the area. The casino is known for its modern gaming floor, featuring a wide range of slot machines, table games, and a sports book.


Connectivity to Other Attractions


The LINQ Promenade's central location on the Strip means it's within walking distance of several other major Las Vegas attractions. Nearby, visitors can explore the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, the Mirage Volcano, and the Bellagio Fountains, among others. This makes the Promenade an ideal starting or ending point for a night out on the Strip.


My visit to the LINQ Promenade was a highlight of my trip to Las Vegas. The blend of entertainment, dining, and shopping options makes it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best of what the Las Vegas Strip has to offer. Whether you're interested in taking in the views from the High Roller, enjoying a gourmet meal, or simply strolling through the open-air market, the LINQ Promenade offers something for everyone. Its convenient location and diverse range of activities make it a vibrant and exciting place to spend an evening in Las Vegas.

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